Cutting through the Red Tape…

March 9, 2012

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Dealing with Government “red tape” is nothing new to us at BTA – since our foundation we have been involved in lobbying to ensure a fair deal for our farmers, in what in the most heavily regulated farming sector in the UK.

As you can imagine, we are delighted therefore that Richard Benyon MP - Parlimentary Under Secretary for Natural Environment and Fisheries – has announced that the the Government’s Red Tape Challenge is putting ”Water and Marine” under the spotlight until the 23rd of March.  For BTA members, key issues will include: water quality; water resources; fisheries and abstraction and discharge.

Defra want to use the Red Tape Challenge to hear our thoughts on how water and marine regulations are working in practice – what works well, as well as what does not – and whether there are more effective means of Defra achieving their policy goals.

If you have particular thoughts, for example on alternatives to regulation, or innovative approaches to compliance with water and marine measures, please share them with us so that we can put in a strong response to Defra and help the Government to help us!

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